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Welcome to the Paper Moose

Your home on the web for all things moose coin. Use your moose bux to score cool merch! Make sure to add us to your bookmarks and check back regularly for new updates.


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Weird Toaster NFT1 Own the rights to a one-of-a-kind NFT that points to this cool toaster photo. Note that you're not buying the rights to the photo, just the NFT itself. I found the photo on Google.
We wrote an article about the making of this NFT. Check it out
"A piece of toast smiling and drinking a beer while watching jurassic park."

Artist: Georgia Shillington + DALL-E

Own the rights to this NFT artwork. All proceeds of NFT purchases go to the artist.

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Moose Tote0.5A stylish tote with prominent moose branding. You'll totes love this.
Moose Shirt (Black)0.7Black never goes out of style, and neither will you if you wear this shirt. The shirt doesn't actually look like that anymore, it has the new logo, but that's all we've got.
Moose Shirt (Colour)0.8A vibrant, colourful expression of your association to the Paper Moose organisation.
Moose Umbrella1Oh what, you don't like getting wet in the rain? Here's a Moose-branded umbrella if you must.
Moose Backpack1.4A backpack fit for a moose, were they to wear one.
Myer $100 voucher2$100 to spend at your favourite department store. You can even buy your next PC upgrade there.
Homepod Mini3Apple stuff!
Airpods (3rd Gen)5.5Very popular and apparently they don't fall out of your ears, even though they look like it.
Base iPad10A device so perfectly useful I can't think of anything silly to say about it.
Airpods Max18Like the other ones but maximum. Definitely won't want to lose these ones.
Base iPad Pro24Very cool, I'd be happy to split it with you if you like?



You're going to need a Solana wallet with some Moose Coin in it to use the shop. We recommend Phantom. Once you've set up your wallet, connect it above to check your balance. If you don't have any moose coins and you think you should, talk to @joshua.

You can get moose coins from doing all kinds of rad stuff:

ItemMoose coins
A year’s tenure at Moose1
Come up with a great idea that is actioned1
Come up with a proactive idea for one of our clients that ends up being presented to them (not job related)1
Run a team building initiative1


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